Author Tara Meissner
Author Tara      Meissner

This psychology memoir is about the things that break us and how we heal. It offers a raw view a 33-year-old wife and mother swallowed by psychosis. The psychotic episode includes meeting Jesus Christ, party planning with Ellen DeGeneres, and narrowly escaping eternity in the underworld.


Casually called a nervous breakdown, psychosis is an entrapment outside of self where hallucinations and delusions anchor. Family, doctors, and fellow patients witnessed a nonverbal, confused, distraught shell of a woman. In the security of a psychiatric care center, the week-long psychosis broke and spit out a bipolar patient in the cushioned place of middle class medicine.


Outpatient recovery consumed the better part of a year with psychiatric treatment and spiritual contemplation. Left scarred and damaged, health returned allowing her to tentatively embrace a grace and peace earned through acceptance of bipolar disorder.


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Readers say.....

 “Told with brutal honesty it brought about a wide range of emotions and forever changed the way I look at others with a mental illness.”


“The author writes well, and educates even among the stories that were disturbing. At times I even laughed — yes there’s even a hint of humor among the more serious content.”


“Stress Fracture is a well-written, insightful, authentic contribution to the literature of personal experience.”


“Having a child with bipolar disorder myself, I have read countless books and articles on this subject. This book, however, is far and away the most informative from the standpoint of what it’s like to EXPERIENCE the disorder.”


“I read the sample, just to say I had, then bought the book immediately after I finished it. I have know many people who are bipolar and this story really caught my attention. Tara is a brave person to put herself out there like she did. The writing was articulate, informative, and mind blowing at times.”


“Brave beyond words. I don’t know of any other author willing to put themselves out there like this. Ground-breaking. Bravo.”


“The book presented a very different view of mental illness. I applaud her truthfulness in telling such a personal story. It has changed my view of this illness.”


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